Intermation was created in 1999 as a software development contractor for a talented group of scientists from Oak Ridge National Labs' High Temperature Materials Lab. Intermation was tasked with the development and implementation of software and systems used to support the remote access control of the laboratory's transmission electron microscope. This software allowed an ORNL client located anywhere in the world to manipulate the microscope in order to capture images.

Since then, Intermation has evolved into a developer of embedded and portable applications for many platforms including the Apple iOS, the Microchip PIC32 implementation of the MIPS architecture, the ARM microcontroller architecture, and small foot print Linux distributions running on the 80x86 architecture.

In the past, the focus of these applications has been on academic research and classroom instruction. With the popularity of these systems, however, the future is wide open.

If you are interested in this work, feel free to contact Intermation using the form on the support page.