ERPSim Report--Style 2

The report should be based on your accumulated knowledge about ERPsim and the muesli industry. It is to be an individual activity. The purpose of this report is to assist you and your team in preparation for the simulation event upcoming.The report should be 2 typed pages long at most, and contain the following information

Section One

Before writing the report spend some time thinking about the various workflow elements that are necessary to achieve success in the simulation. Considering the number of people on your team, put together a plan outlining responsibilities for each person that you believe would help your team acheive success. (Divide up the different work elements in a way that balances things reasonably.) Of course, some things mulitple team members may be involved in: consider that as well.

Section one of your report should contain your suggested plan for how the work can be broken up to achieve success. Be specific!

Section Two

Formulate a strategy that you believe will help your team achieve success. Consider that your overall strategy is what ultimately distinguishes your team's performance from other teams.

Section two of your report should detail your suggested strategy. Be specific! Remember that strong strategies have contingency plans, so discuss variations on your plan that you might wish to employ if your plan is not achieving success.

Section Three

The job aid that is a part of the ERPsim Participant's Guide is a helpful resource to use during the game. Consider some other type of helpful resource you could develop to assist your team. (A table of important information, a summary of non-obvious strategic points from the Partcipant's Guide, a spreadsheet that you can use as the game goes on to assist in decision making, etc.) Prepare this resource. Include this resource as a separate upload to the dropbox. You are free to be creative in this element of the project--the score will be based on the ultimate value of what you have created to help your team.

In addition to uploading your report to the dropbox. Bring a hardcopy with you to class to share with your teammates in preparation for the event. (Do not share your work with your teammates until classtime on the day submitted.)

Upload your report to the appropriate dropbox.